Server Migration March - April 2021

Dear Valued Customers, It is to inform you that we will be migrating to a better server in the end of March or Beginning of April 2021, Since we cannot migrate your data to the new server, we recommend you to please make and download your backup and inform your customers regarding this before 31st March 2021. If you lose your data later, we won't ...

Get tokens by participating in bounty reward program

Greetings, We are now launching our own blockchain based DeFi platform, All of our members will be rewarded free tokens as a bounty reward, to participate in the bounty reward, please share your Binance (BNB) wallet address. For more information please visit and share your mainnet ...

Crypto Craze!! We are now accepting BTC payments


It is to announce that we are now accepting the BTC/ETH payments. Users who do not want to pay using paypal, then can pay us using the BTC. If you want to pay us using the BTC, please contact us so we may open a crypto wallet for you.


Update - Backup your data today Nov 5th 2020

Greetings! If you have more than 10 cPanel accounts in your WHM Reseller account then a $0.18 fee is applied to you for each of your cPanel account, and the same is applied to your resellers. Please note that we are using the genuine cPanel license and this fee is applied as of cPanel terms. Please also note that whenever you have reached this ...

Account transfer

Greetings! We are now moving all of our clients accounts to a Finland based server, it will be done in a few days. We will notify you once it's done. We will also give you some days to migrate your data. We hope it will not bother you since that server is good and we will install the WHM reseller plugin where there is easy to upgrade and ...

Nameserver Issue

Greetings,  If you are facing nameserver issues along with multiple ips then please note that that error is created by current cPanel update. We recommend you to please create your custom nameservers, you may please visit our knowledge base section regarding how you can create your custom nameservers whether you are a reseller or just hosting ...

You've 10 Days To Migrate Your Data


All your accounts have been moved to the new server, if your account is still not moved, please open a support ticket. You've 10 days to migrate your data or reseller accounts to the new server, if you won't migrate your data within 10 days, we will not be responsible for any of your data loss. Hope you understand

Kind Regards

Update - Your account is being moved


We are now moving your accounts to a new web server. Please allow us sometime so we may setup this for you.


Server Migration has canceled


Upon feedbacks from the customers, we have decided not to migrate our services to new host. We will open the voting again if found it in our customers interest.

Kind Regards

Server Migration Required Your Feedback

Greetings, We are receiving too many complains regarding the current host, planned to move on siteground/hostgator or hostinger servers, the migration will be performed before OCT 25th. However there will be a miner adjustment fee which will be applied equally to all shared reseller plans. Alpha Reseller members will be charged $2 extra per ...