• Thursday, November 5, 2020


If you have more than 10 cPanel accounts in your WHM Reseller account then a $0.18 fee is applied to you for each of your cPanel account, and the same is applied to your resellers. Please note that we are using the genuine cPanel license and this fee is applied as of cPanel terms. Please also note that whenever you have reached this limit to have more than 10 accounts in WHM, notify us before otherwise your account will be suspended.

Please note that we are permanently closing the old server (IP (https://9000host.colodns.com:2083) and currently not increasing the pricing. You are requested to move all of your data from old server (IP (https://9000host.colodns.com:2083) to the new one (IP (https://noc42.geeksnode.com:2083) within 3 business days till Nov 9th 2020. Later we will not be responsible for any of your data loss.


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